Caloric Restriction: The Key to a Long Life?

Several research groups have looked at whether caloric restriction improves longevity. For decades, the research was confined to drosphila (fly) and rodent models. While these model organisms can provide interesting insight, drosphilia and humans have drastically different metabolisms and gene expression regulation. Their response to fasting is often much different than humans. Recently, caloric restriction[…]

Milk or Beef for Gains?

How many hours have you spent wondering what type of protein you should consume post workout to maximize your gains? Well a paper published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition attempts answer this question by studying whether a milk protein source or a beef protein source leads to greater muscle protein synthesis. Differences in[…]

Whey Protein Alone or with Phosphatidic Acid: More is Not Always Better

There is a mentality that more is better when it comes to muscle growth. More training, more food, more supplementation.  Specifically, people will often take multiple supplements that are “designed” to elicit muscle growth, assuming they will have additive effects. Two supplements that are regarded to have anabolic effects on muscle tissue are whey protein[…]