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Nutrition Things I Don’t Know

Nutrition Things I Don’t Know By: Brad Dieter, PhD Read Time: 7 minutes TL;DR: Having foundation knowledge, a diverse toolbox, empathy, and a really good ability to understand context is critical I have been at this whole nutrition thing for over a decade. I’ve gotten two advanced degrees, coached probably over a 1,000 people, experimented[…]


3 Nutrition Lies Exposed

3 Nutrition Lies Exposed By: Brad Dieter, PhD Read Time: 5 minutes There is a lot of misinformation circulating around the interwebz. Some of it malicious, some of it remnants of bro-lore (I ain’t hating, bro-lore has taught us a ton) and some of it just the result of misinterpretation of data and bad research studies. Let us[…]


5 Dangerous Myths About Protein

By: Jose Antonio, PhD FNSCA FISSN CSCS Read Time: 10 minutes TLDR: Protein still won’t make you stink or trash your urine makers After reading this blog 5 Annoying and Dangerous Things that Happen When You Eat Way Too Much Protein on, it reminded me of my undergraduate education as a biology major at The American[…]