Unlocking Nutrion and the Female Cycle

Unlocking the Female Cycle

By: Brad Dieter, PhD Read Time: The best 8 minutes you will spend this week tl;dr: It appears that decreasing the amount of carbohdyrates and increasing the protein and fat as the female cycle progress can optimize weight loss when dieting. This strategy appears much more effective than normal dieting. Introduction Women are incredibly special creatures.[…]

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The Truth About Food Ingredients

Author: Savannah Glasgow Read Time: Not important, you need to read this. tl;dr Your linguistic level shouldn’t dictate your diet: take the time to learn what complicated-sounding ingredients are before completely writing them off; you may find you want to keep them around. Introduction If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, then you shouldn’t eat it, right?[…]

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The Truth About Food Labels

By: Savannah Glasgow Read Time: 12 minutes tl;dr The phrases used on food labels can mean a variety of things depending on the context. For the most informative and accurate information, focus on quantitative values (e.g. “200mg of sodium per serving” or the Nutrition Facts label). The Truth About Food Labels: Part 1 Step into[…]


Dieting and Metabolism

By: Brad Dieter, PhD Read Time: 15 Minutes TL;DR: Caloric restriction can reduce your “metabolism” but it comes back when you start eating more food and add more lean body mass. While a history of dieting may not be ideal for weight loss it doesn’t doom you. You just should probably focus more on building lean[…]

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3 Keys for Getting Lean

3 Keys for Getting Lean For the vast majority of people, myself included, the ideal outcome of any exercise and/or nutrition program is losing fat while gaining lean mass. Not only does this shift in body composition may you look better but it also improves your health. As such, the vast majority of health and fitness[…]