High Protein Diets And Body Composition

Calorie balance is a critical component to weight and body composition regulation. Your macronutrient selection can also impact weight and body composition through hormonal actions and through other metabolic processes. Protein is interesting in that high protein diets (by percentage) have been shown to be helpful in weight loss and positive changes in body composition.[…]

Creatine Timing: Pre or Post That is the Question

Creatine supplementation appears to be the most effective legal nutritional supplement currently available in regards to improving anaerobic capacity and lean body mass (LBM).¬† The research surrounding the ergogenic effects of creatine supplementation is extensive with hundreds published studies looking exactly at those two outcomes. Approximately 70% of the research has reported a significant (P<.05[…]

HMB: The Newest Muscle Builder?

Click Here to Jump to the Summary What is HMB? Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) is a metabolite of the amino acid Leucine. Your body produces HMB from dietary leucine and some studies have shown that HMB production is correlated with leucine intake (1). ¬†While you can get increased HMB through leucine supplementation, this is an inefficient process[…]

Fat and Carbohydrate Utilization During Exercise

Fat and Carbohydrate Utilization During Exercise How the body uses fat and carbohydrates during exercise is a hotly debated concept in the fitness industry right now and, frankly, this puzzles me. The research over the past 30 years has borne out exactly how our bodies use carbohydrates, proteins, and fat during different exercise intensities. The[…]

Pre-workout Supplements: Are They Effective?

  The supplement industry is saturated with pre-workout supplements: C4, No-Xplode, PreJYM. I would venture to guess its a 9 figure market. Interestingly, very few of these pre-workout supplements have been thoroughly investigated in the scientific literature. However, there have been investigations into some of the individual ingredients in these supplements. In this article we[…]

BCAAs: Hype Or Muscle Builder?

BCAAs:What are they? Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are essential amino acids (meaning our body does not create them) that contain an aliphatic (branched) side-chain. These amino acids are key players in the regulation of muscle mass and must be consumed through your diet. There are three BCAAs: valine, isoleucine, and leucine. One really interesting[…]