Sport Supplements or Fast Food for Recovery?

Fast Food or Sport Supplements for Recovery? By Brad Dieter, PhD and Dylan Dahlquist MS(c) Read Time: 10 Minutes TL;DR: When it comes to recovering muscle glycogen from exercise fast food appears to be as effective as sport supplements. Last week we talked all about how carbohydrates (CHO) are likely critical for top end performance when[…]

Caloric Restriction: The Key to a Long Life?

Several research groups have looked at whether caloric restriction improves longevity. For decades, the research was confined to drosphila (fly) and rodent models. While these model organisms can provide interesting insight, drosphilia and humans have drastically different metabolisms and gene expression regulation. Their response to fasting is often much different than humans. Recently, caloric restriction[…]

Energy Drinks Don’t Help Performance

The energy drink market has exploded in the past decade with products such as Redbull, Rockstar, Monsters, etc. Interestingly, these beverages are often consumed under the pretense that they will help your performance in the gym. Energy drinks are the highest reported “supplement” taken by college athletes. These beverages often contain carbohydrates, B vitamins, caffeine,[…]

Whey Protein Alone or with Phosphatidic Acid: More is Not Always Better

There is a mentality that more is better when it comes to muscle growth. More training, more food, more supplementation.  Specifically, people will often take multiple supplements that are “designed” to elicit muscle growth, assuming they will have additive effects. Two supplements that are regarded to have anabolic effects on muscle tissue are whey protein[…]

High Protein Diets And Body Composition

Calorie balance is a critical component to weight and body composition regulation. Your macronutrient selection can also impact weight and body composition through hormonal actions and through other metabolic processes. Protein is interesting in that high protein diets (by percentage) have been shown to be helpful in weight loss and positive changes in body composition.[…]