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For years I was a big reader of Men's Health. But after my years of science training I began to realize that a lot of the information given out was not accurate.

On the flip side, I don't always want to read through dry, boring science journals to get good information. There were no evidence based nutrition magazines. . . Well now there are!

I was tired of reading pseudoscience nonsense so I decided to create my own magazine. . . Thus, Science Driven Nutrition was born!

We are currently putting the finishing touches on the first issue which will be going out in November but I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what will be in the first issue!

In each issue you will get cutting edge information from the brightest minds in our field (seriously.. we have the CEO of ISSN and Senior Editor of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition featured in our first issue)

I’m going to be completely honest. This thing turned out way better than I could have imagined. The author line is world-class, the content is impeccable, and it is packaged beautifully.

I can’t tell you how many hours were spent on this thing but it was a labor of love (A HUGE thank you to Maggie, our editor and graphic guru). I couldn’t be more proud to bring it to you.

Now before I go I want to do something else awesome... since it is Friday and I want to start your weekend off with a bang. If you want to sign up today you are going to get the first issue entirely FREE!

Just subscribe on the page!

Don’t worry, if you just want the free edition simply subscribe today and when it launches just access it, download it, and cancel your subscription before the next month. I completely get that, and I’m totally fine if you do that. But I know that after reading this first one you will want the next one… hell you probably will want the next one immediately following this one.



7 thoughts on “Science Driven Nutrition Journal

  • Hello Brad,

    Thank you for this research. It would be to nice to put this in a timeline of 1 to 4 days. To see the Total effect of uptake and oxidation by different trainingtypes. From walking to hiit (sprinting). Not only from the epoc but also the removal of lactate as a result of hiit. Mostly the issue or discussion is based on trainingsresults of energy uptake for juist the trainingtime.
    Could you write me?

    Thanks and i keep Reading your intresting articles.

    Greetings from Holland
    René Loek

  • Hello,
    I really enjoy reading the science behind nutrition and I keep reading about the first month free offer but I do not see the actual cost after that first month promotion. I am currently working on my M.S. in Nutritional Science and am set to graduate this coming Spring. Being a student, I am hoping this site is available and affordable and makes special accommodations for its students in our field. Thank you!



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