Supplements 101 Video: Ask Dr. Brad

Question 1) What is the role of antioxidants and should I be taking them? I have heard conflicting things

Antioxidants help scavenge free-radicals and have been implicated as beneficial supplements for preventing disease. On the flip side, antioxidants can reduce training adaptations as oxidation stress is actually a beneficial piece of training as it drives adaptations. If you decide to take antioxidants take them in physiological doses and as far away from training as possible.

Question 2) I am a vegan. What special things should I consider taking being a Vegan

Long story short: supplementing with vitamin B12, Fish Oil, and Choline are smart choices for people who adopt a vegan lifestyle


Question 3) What is the deal with L-Carnitine? Should I take it?

Carnitine is a molecule that helps shuttle fat into the mitochondria for oxidation. There is some evidence it is beneficial for improving energy, specific disease states, and aging; however, it is not really a potent fat loss product.

Question 4) Will vitamin D make me a better athlete?

Fixing a deficiency in vitamin D is a good idea but taking it in really high doses probably won’t make a huge impact on your training.

Question 5) Pre and Post Workout

Pre workout supplementation is probably more important than post workout. Going into a training session well fed and being able to train harder will be more beneficial than the post workout shake in the 30 minutes following workout.

Question 5) What are your thoughts on BCAAs

BCAAs are great for flavoring water. Taking BCAAs probably won’t get you jacked. Not taking BCAA’s won’t ruin your gains.

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  1. Fasted workouts have been “reported to be beneficial” in a lot of popular press books but the studies on the topic don’t support those claims. The quality and quantity of your training are fare more important (at least based on the best science to date). For most of us having a preworkout snack or meal can help us train harder and longer 🙂

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